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5 Best Tips for Taking Care of Your Auditory Senses

Hearing loss can happen to anyone. Just imagine your life without being able to hear the sound of a loved one’s voice or your favorite song or the singing of a bird. Hearing loss can be caused by different things and there are different types of hearing loss. You can do your part to help keep your ears and hearing healthy.

Don’t play music too loud. We all enjoy turning up our favorite song or experiencing the full impact of an orchestra or movie. However, if you play these things too loud, you may damage your ears. If you need something to be loud, don’t wear earphones. Try to keep the volume so it doesn’t hurt your ears.

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Wear earplugs around loud noises. When you work on a construction site it is required that you wear protective equipment. When you do projects around the house or go somewhere with loud noises, use earplugs to protect your ears. Not only can loud noises like hammering, explosions, drills, etc. cause damage to your hearing, but it can also be physically painful.

Only take medicine as instructed by your doctor. There are some types of medication that can cause hearing problems when used incorrectly. You can talk to your doctor and ask if the prescribed medication has the potential to cause hearing problems. If you fear that you may have problems with your hearing, discuss it with your doctor so he can avoid prescribing medicines that may cause problems.

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Give your ears some rest and quiet. Silence is golden. Your ears need a rest from the noise and hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane. Give them a chance to rest and restore their balance by just sitting. No television, no music, no people talking, nothing. Allow your ears to recuperate from the onslaught of noise you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Be careful with wet ears. Water in your ears can cause infections that can lead to more serious hearing problems. You should swim with earplugs if you feel that your ears may be experiencing trouble. If you swim and water gets in your ears and you experience pain, see your doctor. It will also be wise to swim with earplugs or some other type of ear protection next time.

Your hearing is valuable. It is part of how we communicate and it is part of how we experience our world. People who do not have the privilege of hearing get along without it, but you can be assured that they would all like to be able to hear their mom’s voice or the sound of the ocean. So, take care of this privilege you have and protect your ears and hearing.