Hearing Tips for Seniors: How to Take Care of Your Ears

Hearing loss is well-known age-related problem. There are other things that can cause hearing impairment, but you can take steps to make sure that you take care of your ears and hearing ability to prevent severe hearing loss. Most of these things are valid and relevant to people of all ages and should be practiced from as early an age as possible to get the best results. If you are already along in years, then you definitely want to follow our tips.

Avoid loud environments or wear ear protection. It often happens that men who worked in mines, on construction sites, or were in the defence forces, experience hearing problems earlier than others. This is because loud noises damage our hearing. If you are older, you need to avoid places and environments with loud noises that can further impair your hearing. At some point, loud noises may actually cause physical pain. So, steer clear or wear earplugs when you know there will be loud noises.

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Clean your ears well and carefully. Wax and fluid build-up can also cause hearing loss or damage to your inner ears. It is important to keep your ears clear without sticking earbuds all the way to your brain. A simple cleaning with a wet cloth will do. If you had a cold or feel like there may be fluid in your ears, go see the doctor and ask if you have anything to worry about. He can help get rid of fluid before it causes a problem.

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Consult your doctor when something feels wrong. People often wait too long to see the doctor when they suspect that something may be wrong. If you are already elderly and experience pain or other issues with your ears and hearing, don’t wait to see the doctor. As soon as something feels wrong, make an appointment so you can be sure that everything is fine.

Be careful with medication. Elderly people tend to have several medications for old-age ailments. Make sure that you take your prescribed medication as instructed. Also, if you have hearing problems, tell your doctor. Some prescription medication can make these problems worse. If the doctor knows, he can prescribe an alternative that won’t cause damage.

Give yourself quiet time. By the time you reach your 60s and later you have exposed your ears to so many noises and sounds. Give yourself some quiet time and relax in the silence. Your ears will be grateful and it will also do your soul a bit of good.

Follow these simple practices and you will be on the right path to saving your ears and hearing until you are old and wrinkly. If you fell like it’s time to get a checkup why not visit Audiologist Calgary. They are expert ear doctors and will help you with any hearing loss issues you’re battling.

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