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Announcing Hearing Depot!

Where can you find a great selection of hearing assitive products, friendly customer service AND help other hearing related websites improve at the same time? Hearing Depot! HearingDepot.com, is Hearing Center Online's sister site which was launched the end of September. It features hundreds of assistive products for the hearing impaired, great customer support , and a profit sharing affiliate program.

We started Hearing Depot for two main reasons. First, and most obviously, we wanted to provide the hard of hearing and deaf community with a place to find the assistive products they need and want. Secondly, we hoped the revenue generated from Hearing Depot would help to support and improve our sister site, HearingCenterOnline. And, in a continuation of this idea, we wanted to help other websites improve the resources available to the hearing impaired community.

Our first initiative is to provide friendly, trustworthy, and most importantly secure access for the general public to a wide variety of assistive products. We have included hundreds of products in our Hearing Depot store and we hope that our selection will continue to grow. Hearing Depot carries a range of assistive living products including amplified telephones, alerting and signaling devices, hearing aid accessories, personal and wide range assistive listening devices, smoke detectors, ttys, telephone amplifiers and more! We even have an assortment of games and videos!

We have designed Hearing Depot to make your online shopping experience easy and worry free. The contents of your shopping cart are listed on every page, so you always know what's in your cart and what your total purchase will be. We've also tried to design the site to be easy to navigate so you don't get lost in a jungle of product pages.

At Hearing Depot, ordering is easy to do and we give you a choice of offline and online methods. We have met the strict requirements of both the Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal (VISA and Mastercard) to automate the processing of credit card transactions and minimize our customer's exposure to online security issues and credit card fraud. Nonetheless, if you don't feel comfortable ordering online you also have the choice of printing off your order and either mailing, faxing or phoning it in.

If you have any questions about products or policies we have given you a wide range of options to contact us. You can call our friendly customer support line, fax your question to us, or contact us by mail or email. We hope that this site, like HearingCenterOnline, will become a valuable resource for the public. If you don't see a specific product that you are looking for, let us know and we'll do our best to source it out for you or find a suitable alternative.

Our second, and perhaps most exciting goal of Hearing Depot is to help other websites improve the resources available to deaf and hard of hearing community. Whether they are providing services, products, information, support, advocacy, counseling and even education we feel that they are all important.

At first we only thought about improving Hearing Center Online but after speaking to literally hundreds of great organizations that have the potential to do incredible things for the deaf and hard of hearing, we realized that we could have a bigger impact if we all worked together. We asked ourselves, how can we help? We thought of many things that we would like to do, but it all kept coming back to one thing. Money! We decided the best thing that we could do is to create ways to financially support all of the great websites that are trying to make a difference for the hard of hearing and deaf community. That is why we built a central store that will service the customers and financially support all of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing websites who would like to be part of this initiative. Hopefully it will be an exciting step towards bringing the world's hearing impaired community closer.


Hazel Inglis
Hearing Center Online

P.S. Please take a look at Hearing Depot and let us know what you think! You can visit Hearing Depot by going to www.hearingdepot.com

For general comments, questions and suggestions email questions@hearingdepot.com.

If you have any questions about products or policies don't hesitate to contact us by emailing customerservice@hearingdepot.com

To find out more about Hearing Depot's affiliate program please take a look at the article "My Own Store" which is in this month's "Now HEAR This!" You can also contact us at affiliates@hearingdepot.com

If you have or know of a product that you think would be great to feature in all of our HearingDepot stores, please send your suggestion to questions@hearingdepot.com

Last Updated: October, 2000

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