Name that sound - What does hearing loss sound like?

The following is a representation of what hearing loss sounds like. We have created five different but common hearing levels (for varying degrees of hearing loss). These range from no loss (normal) to profound loss (severe):

  • Normal Hearing
  • Mild Hearing Loss
  • High Frequency Hearing Loss
  • Moderate Hearing Loss
  • and Severe Hearing Loss

Each level of hearing has been given three situations:

  • Music
  • A speech in a large open room
  • and talking with background noise.

We have also given you two different formats to choose from when listening to the files:

  • WAV FILE (Large File)
  • REAL AUDIO FILE (Small File - needs plug-in)

Please Note: Some users have experienced difficulties playing some or all of the following files. We are currently looking into the problem and hope to have full functionality returned shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.



in a Large Room


(No Loss)

Mild Loss

High Frequency Loss

Moderate Hearing Loss

Severe Hearing Loss

Real Audio:

If you don't have the Real Audio Player Plug-in for your Internet browser you can click on the logo below to download a free copy of the latest version.

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