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Welcome to the Hearing Center Online WRITE FOR US page.

The center invites readers and experts to contribute in the form of writing. To write for us, you don’t need to be a doctor’ you simply need to have experience or insight to share that may help people suffering from hearing problems or who have family members who need help.

Who Can Write for Us?

Anyone can write for us. If you fall into one of the following categories, we definitely want to hear about your insights and experiences when you’re ready to share them.

  • Parents of a child with hearing impairments
  • An individual living with hearing impairment of any kind
  • Audiologists and speech therapists
  • Therapists in related fields
  • Researchers or writers in the field of audiology and related fields

What Does It Entail?

Writing for us is a simple process.

  1. Write your story or share your information in a structured piece with good language. You can tell your story in a video, through a letter, an article, photographs, or whatever way is easiest for you. Written pieces should be approximately 200 to 500 words. Video or audio recordings should not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  2. Send your contribution through email to info@hearingcenteronline.com. Include some information about yourself and your family. It is good to have a bit of background. You can share just as much as you are comfortable with.

We strongly encourage our readers to share their stories and insights with us. You can help someone else understand what is happening to them or help them cope better with their condition. You can be an inspiration.